Melbourne Training Secrets Seminar


I'll get straight to the point.

Who's more likely to get the best info?

My Instagram followers who consume free content but have barely any context or nuance?


The people I interact with personally, who get to ask specific questions and understand how to apply my content?  

It's obvious. 

Watching my stories and flicking through my carousels is one option. 

But it's no match for being in a room together.

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Jordan Shallow

The Muscle Doc

Founder of Pre-Script and host of RX'd Radio

Luke's passion and dedication to his craft allows him to bring very complex topics right to the level of the application to the end user.

His unwavering poise and unmatched intellect allow him to operate with a level of integrity not often seen in the fitness industry.

His seminars are raising the industry standard for education. If you are looking to upskill, I can't recommend Luke enough.



What Will You Learn?

This seminar is designed to help you get better results with less effort.

Every single topic has practical advice you can apply immediately for instant impact, based on the latest research and my 15 years of coaching experience.

I'll show you the exact concepts I use with my clients to truly individualise training programs.

Here's a taste of what I have planned:

  • Maximize your gains: boost muscle growth with mixed loading ranges

  • Why training volume goes beyond sets per week

  • Get gains in less time: how to properly program drop sets, rest pause sets, and cluster sets

  • Take your training to the next level: learn how to progress week to week

  • Fuel your gains: adjusting training in a caloric surplus vs. Deficit

  • Unleash your potential: work capacity could be holding you back

  • Which details matter in full-body training

  • How avoiding failure could give you more bang for your buck

  • Personalize your training: the evidence for individualization in training theory

  • Fatigue: demystifying the most misunderstood training concept

  • Maximize your progress: learn why, when, and how to add sets

  • Choose your own adventure with self-determination and exercise selection

  • Flexible training for real results: when and how to use flexible template

  • Unlock your performance potential: learn how your perceived recovery relates to performance

  • Discover what's worth including in your warm-up

  • A comprehensive look at proximity to failure

  • Master your appetite: the role of physical activity in appetite and weight control

  • Why you should probably be stretching more than you think

  • Train your mind, train your body: how to use mental training to increase strength gains

  • The link between overtraining and low energy availability

  • Matching resistance curves and strength curves in theory and practice

  • Fuel your body right: estimate the energy cost of exercise to inform dietary adjustments

  • Get your beauty sleep: learn how macronutrient distribution affects sleep quality

  • Why cardio isn't as effective for fat loss as you'd expect

  • Use the fat-free mass index to estimate long-term gains

  • The surprising impact of the placebo effect on performance

  • How an external attentional focus can help you smash more reps

  • Elevate your training with mindfulness: the surprising connection between mind and body

  • Science-backed strategies for maximizing your training: harnessing the power of psychology research



    ...Plus several Q&A sections to answer your burning questions directly.


My last seminar was in Stockholm the same weekend borders shut down in 2020... 

Then, my little girl came along.

But finally, after 3 years of waiting, I'm able to bring my best information out again for in-person seminars.

I have 30 seats available - first come, first served.

If you're interested, here's what you need to do.

Click the button below to buy your ticket.

You'll get a confirmation email with all the details. 

Then, simply rock up to Melbourne Strength Culture on Saturday 25th March for a 9.30am start.

I'll have a seat ready for you in the classroom (there's no practical, so wear whatever clothes you want).

See you in Melbourne, 


Oh, also, the early bird discount is only valid until Sunday 11th of March. If there are any seats left by then, the price will jump up.






Saturday March 25

9.30am - 4.30pm


Melbourne Strength Culture

5/445-453 Warrigal Rd

Moorabbin VIC 3189



Two Payments of $95


Pay $95 now and $95 in one month


Saturday March 25

9.30am - 4.30pm


Melbourne Strength Culture

5/445-453 Warrigal Rd

Moorabbin VIC 3189


Rawdon Dubois

Creator of the Dubois method and one of Australia’s best physique coaches

Luke is one of the key guys in the industry worth listening to.

In contrast to an industry that seems to over complicate things, Luke has a refreshing ability to explain things in a simple, easy to understand manner. His knowledge on the fundamentals of fat loss and hypertrophy - what you really need to know - is second to none!