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Bypass the “fluff” and learn the concepts that drive high performance in the gym, on the stage or out on the track.

To Hit “Next Level” Results, You Need “Next Level” Insights

Social media, blogs, magazines, even many trainers… they all give you an incomplete (and sometimes wrong) idea of how to train, eat and recover. That’s because they don’t fully understand how the body responds to nutrition and exercise. You get that understanding — and the results that go with it — with Fitness Fundamentals.

Learn The Fundamentals That Drive Your Body

You know that understanding physiology — and more importantly, how it impacts your body — is the single biggest difference you can make to improve performance or shape your body. 

Every month, you’ll explore a different topic in-depth, so you have the theory and practical know-how to refine the way you eat, train and recover for better results.

Test and Tweak Performance With New Programs

(and the thinking behind them)

As much as I hope you enjoy drilling down into subjects like why dietary fat supports hard training or how intensity can be a better measure than weight on the bar, you ultimately want to put these ideas into practice.

That’s where these programs fit in. Each month, you’ll get a training or nutrition program… along with the ideas behind them. Not every program will be suited to your situation, but it’s a perfect way to fine-tune your own programming, try something different, or take one or two concepts and test them to see how they reinforce your performance.


Get Your Toughest Questions Answered

The material (barring a monthly guest article or interview) is all personally created by me. But as I’ve found through years of coaching and mentoring, it’s been the personal contact — and the chance to get questions answered — that coaches, trainers, competitors and athletes have really valued. So, you’ll be able to fire any sticky questions or challenges you’ve hit my way, which I’ll fully answer in a monthly Q&A.

This Isn’t For Everyone...

Fitness Fundamentals isn’t for everyone who trains. When I started to develop it, I had two audiences in mind:


  1. PTs and coaches who want to know more than the typical “lift heavy, eat lots” level of knowledge that 90% never go beyond
  2. Serious, self-motivated fitness and training enthusiasts who’ve moved past fitness magazines, blogs and basic principles


But if you’re one of the following, Fitness Fundamentals probably isn’t for you:

  •  People wanting the usual “how to do squats with good form” content (you’ll find plenty of this on YouTube)
  • People wanting an online “workout club” (I’ll look at training from time to time, but this is only one element of better programming)
  • People who don’t want to understand the science behind the best ways to train, eat and rest

Rawdon Dubois, creator of the Dubois method and one of Australia’s best physique coaches

I think Luke is one of the key guys in the industry worth listening to!

If you are interested in learning the science behind the very complex physiology within the human body; the how and why things happen or don't happen in a no-nonsense, layman's terms type format then neuroscientist and industry leading educator Luke Tulloch of Lucid Health Coaching is your man!

In contrast to an industry that seems to over complicate things, Luke has a refreshing ability to explain things in a simple, easy to understand manner and his knowledge on the fundamentals of fat loss and hypertrophy, what you really need to know, is second to none!


A Quick Peek Inside


Join the Fundamentals, Get the Principles

In recent months, more and more of you asked for an intensive exploration of the principles I think are central to successful training and performance.

 So early in 2019, Programming Principles was born.

 This gives serious fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes the tools to level up. This material is way beyond the basics you find in fitness magazines or even with a lot of PTs (no offence to PTs reading this), but it’s built to leave out the “heaviness” my advanced courses often come with.

 You get the entire Programming Principles course free when you join Fitness Fundamentals in 2019.

 There’s a little overlap with some of the monthly content, so it works as excellent grounding for the topics we’ll dive into in more depth over the coming months.

BONUS: For “Hard Core” Learners Only

On top of the Programming Principles you get when you join, there are over 3 hours of bonus videos in the Fitness Fundamental library to help you start on the right foot. You don’t need these to get the most from the Fundamentals, but the videos cover some of the low-level concepts that have formed the basis of my clients’ success, including:

  • A high-school level “refresher” on human biology
  • The chemistry principles behind that biology
  • An intro to statistics so you can study research papers to make your own discoveries

Try It For 14 Days Free

If you’ve seen my musings on Instagram, you know I like to go deep with topics. Fitness Fundamentals is no different.

However, learning how hormones work or how inflammation impacts your health may not be your thing… and that’s fine. The best way to know is to simply try the Fundamentals for 14 days.

You don’t pay a dollar when you join, and you get full access to the entire Fundamentals library as well as the current month’s content. You can cancel at any time within those 14 days without paying a thing if you don’t think it’s right for you.

"I actively recommend the Fitness Fundamentals membership site to everyone with an interest in training and nutrition information. Considering the annual membership price and the industry-level content available, it would be difficult to rationalise NOT paying for the monthly or annual subscription. The membership site has certainly added value to my experience with the health and fitness industry. Any keen learner would appreciate it."

Current member

"Valuable beyond belief. The price is stupid low for its value. A must have. "

Current Member

"Love this. No bro science. Actual science. The level the sessions are pitched at is perfect and Luke knows his stuff. Simply presented, but not simple."

Current member

"You get a lot of info and there is a lot of content in each video. Everything is explained deeply but in a way non-professionals can understand. There are a lot of bonus sessions and the content is diverse. Simple to be understood by non professionals but deep enough so you’re more proficient in the subject matter (after learning it). It is also very useful to have the examples."

Current member

"From people who love biology to people that are interested in all things around training and nutrition this is a great insight to receive quality science based information that will eliminate having to sift through the industry weeds. Very helpful in order to apply methods developed from science based information."

Current member



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  • Programming Principles Course
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  • Topic Of The Month
  • Training and Nutrition Programs
  • Guest Articles and Interviews
  • Infographic Deep Dives
  • Monthly Q and A With Luke
  • Programming Principles Course
  • 3+ Hours of Bonus Video
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What Successful Trainers Who’ve Worked With Me Are Saying


Questions Other Serious Fitness Enthusiasts Ask...

Not at all. I’ve used this material with dozens of “non-academic” fitness enthusiasts, coaches and trainers, and have tailored things to make it more accessible and more practical to anyone interested in learning what makes the body tick when it comes to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

There is a 14-day trial period after which your first payment will be taken via the payment details you provided at checkout. You can opt out at any time.

Everything is online. Once you’ve joined, you’ll instantly get an email with your login details, so you can jump on and start looking around straight away.

Practical Programming is available as a bonus to the first subscribers. If you’re reading this, you’ll be one of those few who get Programming Principles when you sign up today.