What Donald Trump and Trainers Like You Have in Common

I can already hear you screaming in protest. But hear me out: in a way, it’s actually a compliment.

It’s no secret to anyone that the 45th President isn’t a fan of fake news.

He talks about it. He tweets about it. He accuses someone on a weekly basis of using it. It’s one of his favourite topics.

And on this at least, he’s right. Fake news is something we should all hate.

As you’ve seen yourself, there’s way too much “fake news” floating around the PT industry too.

This fake news pops up in a lot of different forms: there’s fake advice, fake fads and trends, and even

What makes it worse is there are more coaches and trainers than ever, and so many woefully informed are happily sharing whatever fake news they’ve stumbled across in the past week with clients and colleagues.

So, just like Trump… you can’t stand it.

You shake your head thinking how many people get sucked in by that garbage, not to mention how many clients will suffer from it.

 And the biggest problem: even though you can usually tell what’s real and what’s not, fake news still hurts you and your business.

How Fake News Screws You… Even If You Know Better

Heard of the "Dunning-Kruger effect"?

It's a cognitive bias where people with a low skill base mistakenly see themselves as being much better than they are.

You see it every day in the PT industry: some "hotshot" finishes their certification or diploma and now thinks they have all the answers.

They're what Dunning-Kruger labels Unconsciously Incompetent: basically, they don't know that they suck.

Instead, their horribly inadequate study leads them to latch on to whatever impressive-sounding fad or fake news has floated their way this week.

They'll start using it in client work.

They'll spout it to fellow PTs or coaches.

And they won't stop for a second to critically analyse it (though even if they tried, they lack the knowledge or experience to do so).

I'm not against newcomers to the industry. After all, you've got to start somewhere... and that's usually at the bottom.

But I’m not going to mince words either: this kind of shit hurts every single one of us.

Every time someone’s injured themselves lifting because their coach ignored their individual mechanics…

Every time someone’s weight spirals out because they were given the wrong advice on diet…

Every time someone is shamed because the PT’s only idea of “fitness” is the BMI...

...the reputations of personal trainers and coaches around Australia and the world takes a hit.

...and it gets just that little bit harder to attract clients.

But here’s the thing: if we can’t come up with a credible, well-reasoned alternative to the “fake news” screwing up the industry, then our silence makes us part of the problem.

So, the best way to fight this glut of terrible advice and idiotic trends?

Get informed.

Because when you’re informed, you stand out.

While other trainers regurgitate sham fads and garbage on blogs and podcasts, you show that you’re an expert who knows what they’re talking about (and sounds like it).

While other trainers shoot themselves and their clients in the foot with mind-boggling ignorance, you achieve results competitors can only dream about.

While other trainers turn away clients as “too hard”, you position yourself as someone able to make a difference for anyone, tailoring programs that handle any health or lifestyle complications.

And of course, you help expose the trends of the week, pseudo-science and other damaging rubbish that has no place in our field.

It’s exactly what I do every day.

How I Fight Fake News

How the body really works when it comes to exercise and nutrition is something I’ve studied for over a decade. 

Once I knew how things worked on every level — from simple cells, to organs, and then the body as a whole — I was able to take the fight back to fake fads that make all of us look bad.

 It’s why I was featured in Men’s Health magazine as a “Professor of Muscle” (check out the April 2017 issue).

It’s why I’ve been asked to present dozens of public and private seminars, in places like: 

  • Level Up Bodybuilding Certification
  • 2 x Under the Bar seminars
  • Elite Vitality Coaching Physique Apprenticeship
  • Definition Fitness Fat loss seminar
  • Queen of Lean private seminar
  • Systems In Synergy alongside Dr Jordan Shallow

 And it’s why I help discuss the REAL issues around nutrition and training on podcasts like these: 

  • Under the Bar

  • STCfit Learning

  • Hyperformance Podcast

  • Weakly Weights

  • Smart Nutrition Made Simple

  • BioDefined Radio

  • Curious Conversations

  • Rig Radio

  • Macabolic

  • And of course, my own podcast

Advanced Physiology: The “Uni Degree” Changing How Serious Coaches Approach Every Part Of Their Training

Advanced Physiology is your answer to hosing down the rubbish advice you see dredged up every week or two. But first up...

What It’s 100% Not About

  • Giving trainers another piece of paper to throw on their growing stack of useless qualifications
  • The business side of personal training (in case the name didn’t tip you off)

won’t find videos on how to squat or deadlift safely, build a HIIT schedule for a 60-year old with bad knees or debate the pros and cons of compound vs isolation exercises.

(In any case, know all this stuff already.)


What It’s 100% About

  • The human body when it comes to training, nutrition and lifestyle

At its core, Advanced Physiology is about the work you do every day. The career you’ve chosen to follow. The business you’re breaking your back to build.

if you don’t understand the body, then you don’t fully understand personal training.

And if you’re going to push back against crap that’s masquerading as “the next big thing”, that needs to change.

It’s probably why you’re here: to deepen your awareness on the human body that goes well beyond anything that another private course could show you.

That’s essentially what Advanced Physiology is: a university-level education distilled into what’s relevant and usable for coaches like yourself .

By knowing things like protein synthesis at a cellular level or how the endocrine system works, you’ll be able to confidently assess research, implement advanced nutritional strategies, and tailor training to get the right response from a body while handling lifestyle or health complications.

Start With The Fundamentals

To get to the heart of how physiology and training works, you have to dive deep. And that might sound daunting, especially if you haven’t looked at this kind of material before.

But I won’t drop you in the deep end.

Advanced Physiology includes my Physiology Fundamentals course. These Fundamentals open the doors on this fascinating and huge world of the human body. By starting with these basics, you’ll have them fresh in your mind as you confidently explore the more complex topics.

 Advanced Physiology also includes my 12 week online Training and Nutrition Programming courses - Programming Principles. Think of it as the ultimate bundle of knowledge to take you and your clients from beginner to advanced. Valued at $500.


"I think Luke is one of the key guys in the industry worth listening to If you are interested in learning the science behind the very complex physiology within the human body; the how and why things happen or don't happen in a no-nonsense, layman's terms type format then neuroscientist and industry leading educator Luke Tulloch is your man! In contrast to an industry that seems to over complicate things, Luke has a refreshing ability to explain things in a simple, easy to understand manner and his knowledge on the fundamentals of fat loss and hypertrophy, what you really need to know, is second to none!"

Rawdon Dubois
Rawdon Dubois, creator of the Dubois method and one of Australia’s best physique coaches

A “Sneak Peek” At Advanced Physiology

  • Refeeds and diet breaks: what we're trying to achieve, what they do on a hormonal level and how to implement them.
  • The female hormone cycle: how it affects training and nutrition, so you can tailor programs that take it into account.
  • Insulin and fat loss: what the evidence has to say about low GI and low carbohydrate diets and fat loss.
  • Gut health: what does a healthy gut look like? Should we be using probiotics, and how?
  • Sleep: how sleep affects every part of health, from cognition, adherence to diet, energy-seeking behaviour and even muscle gain.
  • GMO foods: are they just a “boogeyman” or a real threat? Are they helpful for us, or will they prove ?
  • Neuroscience and nutrition: how do you enhance brain health with food and supplements?
  • Methylation: it’s the naturopathic buzzword du jour, but what the hell is it, and how do you use it?
  • Glycine and collagen: the missing link to optimising joint health, skin quality and ageing, along with how the methionine:glycine ratio affects your ability to methylate
  • Satiety and hedonism: it's more than calories in vs calories out. What drives our eating behaviours or makes us feel full, and why does the “dessert stomach” phenomenon exist?
  • Mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy: the favourite phrase of the clueless Instagram “guru”. Pick apart the actual muscle-building signals and demystify the role of mTOR in muscle growth. 
Advanced Physiology massively builds your knowledge and insight of the human body. But it’s when you apply this newfound expertise to your work that you see the real difference.

Build Better Bodies For Your Clients

Give clients vastly improved results, no matter what their situation, with your new skills and knowledge.

Build Your Authority In A Competitive Field

Kickstart your journey to becoming an industry-respected authority by learning skills that only the top 1% know.

Build Your Business Beyond Break-Even

With clients raving about your results and your newfound expertise, help your business escape the “sea of sameness”, stand out and thrive.

How Advanced Physiology Was Born

When I first touched weights, it wasn’t about training. I was simply a teenager trying to get stronger for the rugby I played.

The rugby came and went… but my obsession for performance in the gym grew and grew.

I was lucky I realised two things very early on:

  1. There’s a hell of a lot more to performance than just lifting heavy
  2. When it came to that “hell of a lot more”, I knew almost none of it

So, I did what many of you did: devoured every book and blog I could get my hands on. All this gave me was a mish-mash of conflicting ideas, unhelpful advice and flat-out wrong information.

So, I signed up for uni. Juggling study and a fledgling business was tricky – it cost a lot of time and money. I finally graduated with a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Neuroscience), but this was still just the beginning of my journey to become a true expert.

Over the next decade, I studied and studied. Sometimes that meant travelling to the USA, sometimes staying in my own backyard. But this is one habit I formed and have always kept: setting aside time every day to review research and study training methodology.

Over the past 2 or 3 years, I’ve been asked dozens of times where I got this knowledge from. Some of it comes from dry, dusty textbooks, while some has been dug up from studies hidden in obscure journals. But there’s no single source that fully covers the science behind nutrition and training. And that makes things difficult for trainers who realise the science and physiology behind our bodies gives them the keys to unlock far better methods of training, nutrition and lifestyle.

Advanced Physiology has slowly come together over the last few years, painstakingly put together when I’ve had time (which isn’t often). A lot of the content’s been developed over several years from the 1-on-1 mentorship I’ve done with individual trainers and coaches. So, while I can’t fly around Australia or overseas to help everyone face-to-face, this course is a way I can still help trainers who want to learn aspects of training, lifestyle and nutrition that are actually important.


What You’ll Cover In Advanced Physiology

With almost 50 hours of video, Advanced Physiology could be a little like drinking from a fire hose.

Physiology Fundamentals

Learning and Memory

Fundamentals of Biology

Fundamentals of Chemistry

Basic Statistics

How to Use Sci-Hub

Everything you need to know about dietary Carbs, Fat and Protein


Module 1: Intro and Energy

Intro to Physiology


Cell Metabolism

Fundamental Energy Concepts

Constrained Total Energy Expenditure


Module 2: Protein Synthesis, Membranes and Transport

Intro to protein synthesis

Membranes, Osmosis and Diffusion

GMO Foods


Module 3: Electrical Signals and Cell Communication

Electrical Signals

How Cells Communicate

Meal Frequency


Module 4: Intro to Endocrine System, Neurotransmitters

Intro To the Endocrine System

Intro to Nerve Signals


Nervous system and nutrition

Satiety and Food Reward


Module 5: Muscles and Muscle Reflexes

Intro to Muscle Physiology

Muscle Reflexes

Skeletal Muscle Anatomy

 Research Review: Training Volume


Module 6: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Systems

The Heart

Blood Vessels

The Pulmonary System

Gas Exchange and Transport

Regulation of Ventilation

The Cardiovascular System

The Cardiovascular System 2


Module 7: Metabolism


Energy Transfer In the Body

Energy From Macronutrients


Module 8: Endocrine Control of Metabolism

Endocrine Control of Metabolism

Calcium Balance

The Female Cycle


Module 9: Digestive System

The Digestive System

Gut Microbiome


Module 10: Immune System

The Immune System

Glycine and Collagen


Module 11: Exercise Physiology

Basics Of Exercise Physiology

Energy Transfer During Exercise

Measuring Energy Expenditure

Energy Expenditure During Exercise

Measuring Energy Capacity


The Complete Advanced Physiology Package

While it’s an important step, watching video after video is just the start in becoming an expert of human physiology. To help you fully absorb the material and apply it to your client work in the gym, I’ve added extra support that complements the video lessons and makes it easier for you to take everything in.

  • University-level material curated and refined specifically for PTs and coaches
  • Lifetime access to a dedicated learning platform so you can study, refer to or use material at any time you need
  • Close to 50 hours of video lectures, with accompanying PDFs to help you learn the material easier
  • Regular updates and new material (including the new Training and Nutrition Programming courses valued at $500) so you’re on top of new breakthroughs in the field and can apply them before most others even hear of it
  • Quizzes where you’ll get my personal feedback to guide your learning and reinforce your new knowledge and skills
  • Access to the private Facebook group to network, get course updates and news, and hear how other experts are using their knowledge and skills to build successful coaching businesses
  • Course comments, so you can ask questions about the specific lesson you’re watching that are answered by me
  • Personal email support from me if you have questions or get stuck

Your Own Virtual Mentorship With Luke

When I offered 1-on-1 mentorships, this content formed the backbone of the training coaches like yourself were getting.

It was hard work for a lot of them. Sometimes it would take almost a year to get through everything we needed to cover.

The mentorship was also a considerable investment, with trainers paying over $4,000 to work with me over that time.

But for practically all of them, it was well worth it.

(See the videos just below if you want specific details.)

By reshaping a lot of the mentorship material, Advanced Physiology allows self-paced, self-directed teaching while I’m able to still offer some level of personal support. And with the course online and always available, it also takes the pressure off you having to fit study in at inconvenient times or trying to learn everything within a few months.

So, what’s the outlay for Advanced Physiology?

The full cost is $3,200.

Or, in other words …

  • Around 8-10 weeks rent in many prime CBD gyms
  • 50%-60% of the fees you get from a single client over a year
  • A little less than a Certificate IV in Fitness from some private institutions
  • The 6-7 courses some trainers waste their time on every year to maintain “accreditation” (while learning nothing new)

(If you’re ready to jump in, you’ll keep $200 in your pocket by paying up-front. If your cashflow isn’t as free as you’d like, you can pay by instalment.)

Two things to note:

  1. The price goes up 10% the next time I offer Advanced Physiology. Which leads to point 2…
  2. Like my mentorships, there are only so many trainers I can help at any one time, so numbers will be strictly limited to 5.

What Successful Trainers Who’ve Worked With Me Are Saying


You’ve Got 90 Days To Put Advanced Physiology Through Its Paces


There’s no way round it: Advanced Physiology is a huge course. You’re looking at almost every essential of the human body when it comes to nutrition, training and lifestyle.

 And because of the size, it will take you longer to fully learn the principles and apply them in the gym.

 For that reason, you get a 90-day guarantee when you join Advanced Physiology. I don’t want you to rush or make a snap judgement about the course. Take your time, work through what you can, and only then decide whether intimate knowledge of biology, chemistry, metabolism, energy — practically every angle of how the body works when it comes to training — will help you, your clients and your business.

 Then, if you don’t feel Advanced Physiology is changing how you look at training, how you work with others, and how you get results, simply contact me and I’ll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked

Be Like Donald… And Don’t Be Like Donald

Yes, I hate the fake news that infects our industry. In that way, I’m exactly the same as the most controversial President the US has ever seen.

But unlike him, I’m not sitting around and just ranting about it on Twitter. How I approach training has been making a small, slow and steady change to how other trainers (like yourself) now see things.

And that’s what Advanced Physiology is: a chance for you to shift how you look at training, how to ignore (or better yet, debunk) the ignorance and flat-out wrong advice that’s everywhere and most importantly, how to develop skills that enable you to help practically anyone improve their life.

That’s why the course is almost 40 hours of university-level education custom-made for coaches like you.

It’s why you get the Physiological Fundamentals course to help pin down the basics before you tackle the complex (but infinitely more useful) stuff.

It’s why you get my 1-on-1 support to push past sticking points, answer difficult questions, reinforce what you’re learning and make it easier to start applying your new knowledge in the gym.

It’s why you become part of a community of like-minded, fake news-fighting coaches and trainers.

And it’s why you get a full 90 days to sink your teeth into Advanced Physiology, risk free.

The Road Less Travelled

Let me be clear: I don’t think every coach who doesn’t know training to this level is a scammer, slacker or wilfully ignorant fool.

Most trainers do the best they can with what they know.

Educating yourself — REALLY educating yourself beyond the high-level, shallow content in a weekly blog or podcast — is challenging. It’s something most trainers won’t ever seriously consider, let alone tackle.

But it’s this ignorance that leaves them vulnerable to impressive but pointless fads, quick tips and tricks that violate basic laws of biology or chemistry, and advice that to hurts their clients and hurts their reputation as a trainer.

Without knowing any better, they’ll keep trying these shortcuts…  and they’ll keep getting mediocre results for clients, grow frustrated at their own lack of ability, and never become a stand-out expert in a very crowded field.

From my experience, self-education is a difficult road to take. But it’s an immensely rewarding one.

Two Reasons This Is Only Open For 5 New Members

This intake offer is available for 5 new members for the remainder of 2019.

 This is for two reasons:

  1. Making sure everyone who joins gets my full support
  2. To avoid “overload” on my part

 I’m not interested in leaving you to navigate this material alone. That’s why I’ll be available to help you out, either by answering questions, going into a little more detail or explaining a tricky concept in another way.

 Naturally, this takes a huge toll on my time and energy, so I’ve got to be careful not to take on too many people.

 The heavy demand in the coursework I offered last year was an exhausting reminder of this. And, given how many trainers have already said they want to get their hands on this program, I can’t afford to take the risk.

 NOTE: This won’t be the last time I run Advanced Physiology — I’ve put way too much work into it to just offer it one time. That said, with my schedule and workload, I can’t say exactly when it will be next available.


Either payment plan gives you immediate, lifetime access to Advanced Physiology and Physiological Fundamentals. BONUS: Includes access to the upcoming 12 Week Nutrition and Training Programming courses valued at $500

A single payment today of
$3250 $2990

12 monthly payments of

$300 $270



"Love this. No bro science. Actual science. The level the sessions are pitched at is perfect and Luke knows his stuff. Simply presented, but not simple."


"You get a lot of info and there is a lot of content in each video. Everything is explained deeply but in a way non-professionals can understand. There are a lot of bonus sessions and the content is diverse. Simple to be understood by non professionals but deep enough so you’re more proficient in the subject matter (after learning it). It is also very useful to have the examples."


"From people who love biology to people that are interested in all things around training and nutrition this is a great insight to receive quality science based information that will eliminate having to sift through the industry weeds. Very helpful in order to apply methods developed from science based information."


"Very complex and scientific subjects broken down in an easily digestible way. I love how, similar to the podcasts, Luke keeps things brief and to the point whilst delivering high quality content."


"The information provided goes all the way from the basic essentials you need to the more complex ideas. Luke is amazing at explaining the concepts so that people with little previous knowledge on the subjects are able to grasp and understand the info. provided. There are so many 'aha' moments even if you have some background in basic biology and chemistry where you finally 'get it' :)"


"It provides a real insight to physiology in a very concise and comprehensive manner. Scientific, concise and understandable regardless of one's level of knowledge in the field."


What Other Trainers Are Asking

Everything is online. Once you’ve joined, you’ll instantly get an email with your login details, so you can jump on and start looking around straight away.

Not at all. I’ve used this material with dozens of “non-academic” coaches and trainers, and have tailored things to make it more accessible and more practical to anyone interested in learning what makes the body tick when it comes to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

Once you join Advanced Physiology, you have lifetime access to it. You can start working on it whenever you’re ready to improve your skills and grow your expertise.

I can understand the question, having sifted through hundreds of courses and dozens of webinars and workshops. But that’s the reason Advanced Physiology is perfect for trainers: it’s the core of everything I’ve studied over a decade, boiled down into the essentials so you can skip past what’s not important.

Advanced Physiology is made up of eleven modules, with just under 50 hours of video lessons. Combined with study and other activities, you’ll be able to complete it in around 60 to 70 hours.

When I got the idea to create a virtual mentorship from the consulting and coaching I’ve done over the past few years, I was charging over $4000 per client. This is a way I can give more people the chance to get access to this, without having to pay the same rate. You’re also able to pay in instalments if you’re looking for a more cashflow-friendly option.

I'm here with you very step of the way to keep you accountable. Together we can set weekly or monthly learning objectives and direct you to the most appropriate modules.